Sunday, September 15, 2013

Today was Stake Conference for the Edinburgh Stake.  Last week we attended the Stake Conference for the Glasgow Stake.  We met 4-5 people in Glasgow that would like to work with us so that was a profitable day.  Both the Conferences were very good meetings.  Lots of good counsel and reminders of what we should be doing in living closer to the Savior's teachings.  The Edinburgh Stake President today gave a very powerful talk about the importance of the Atonement of Christ in our lives and how we must remember what he has done for us.

Last Monday we spent the morning in East Kilbride, Hamilton, and Motherwell doing "Flat inspections".  We go visit the flats of the younger missionaries to see how well they are doing the housekeeping.  For many, this is the first time they have been away from home and they need reminders of how to keep things that Mom isn't around to pickup after them.  The two flats have young sister missionaries and they always have neat and tidy flats.  The elders sometimes need encouragement...Carolyn loves to do it and she reminds them how she raised five boys and boys can be clean. 

In the afternoon on Monday I had my first opportunity to play golf with one of the members from the Dalkeith Ward.  He belongs to the Pitreavie Golf Club in Dunfermline.  The club was about 9-10 miles from our flat.  I put the address of the golf club into the SatNav (the GPS) and found there were 9 other golf courses between our flat and Pitreavie.  You really don't notice the number of courses because most of the courses are hidden with high bushes/hedges alongside the road.

I was prepared for wet weather but as it turned out, the sun was out and no rain.  It was so warm, I didn't even need to wear my jumper (a jumper is a sweater).  I was able to borrow a set of clubs so I didn't need to hire a set (One "hires" a set of clubs rather than rent a set)  I decided that I am not as young as I used to be.  I was OK walking the course, but the challenge was carrying my clubs.  The course did not have any golf cars but I could have used a "trolley".  (a trolley is a pull-cart to carry the bag)  The course was much more hilly than I had expected.  There were 5-6 holes that were blind tee shots.  They would have a marker at the top of the hill to show the direction you should hit.  A ways out after your second shot, there was a pole with a "cowbell".  You would hit the bell to let the people behind you that it was clear for them to tee off.  All in all it was great fun and I look forward to my next round...

This was the first tee - a par 5.  The fairway leveled off at the top.  The second hole was another par 5

Most greens were guarded by deep bunkers...the kind you don't see in the States.  The front wall of these bunkers was straight up and down.

This was a 190 yard par 3 with a stream running across the front.

This was the 11th hole which was a huge dog-leg left with a sloping fairway that went off to the right.

Looking back from the green to the fairway.  in the middle of the picture you can see a post.  That is one of the "cowbells.  As you crossed the stream you would hit the bell to let the golfers behind you that it was clear to hit

A fun course to play.  The paths between some holes looked like a hiking trail.  It was dirt and only wide enough for one golfer at a time to go through the trees to the next hole.

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