Saturday, November 9, 2013

Scottish Liquid Sunshine...

Today we experienced the Scottish liquid sunshine first hand.  We were driving back to our flat from a trip over by the South Leith area.  As we drove, the sun was shining so brightly that I had to use the sun visor on the windscreen and Carolyn was putting on her sunglasses.  Then I realized that I needed to turn on the wipers as it was beginning to rain.  At first it was just a sprinkle then it got heaver.  All this time the sun was still shining in our eyes.  We could only see blue sky out the front window but to the side and the back there were dark clouds.

The rain soon turned to hail...yes, our first hail storm in Scotland...but the sun was still shining through the windscreen.  The temperature was about 5 degrees Celsius (about 41 degrees Fahrenheit.)   I commented that this is probably what they call "Liquid sunshine".  Heavy rain but blue skies!! 

We have had a quiet week.  We had two or three visit us in the Employment Centre.  We are still waiting on the confirmation of the dates for our next trip to Ireland.  We will be visiting the Beith Ward on Thursday to meet with a lady and tomorrow we are meeting with 2-3 individuals in the Falkirk Branch.  It has been windy and a wee bit colder.  On Monday morning I had to scrape frost off the windscreen.

As I am typing this I am wondering who is reading these posts.  Hopefully they are being read...but if not, I at least have a good record of things we are doing.  ;-)

This is the South Leith area on a sunny day.  We were near this area today
this is the Jedburgh abbey.  this great hall was built in about 1300


  1. I love your posts Rich. Keep it up!

    Sheri Clifton

  2. Rich, I hope you and Carolyn have a wonderful Scottish Thanksgiving! I've been reading your posts and enjoying the sites. Thanks very much for them.
    Carolyn France