Monday, May 12, 2014

Hail Caledonia!!

We have enjoyed the beauty of Scotland the last few months.  What a wonderful country this is!!

As spring comes into full bloom we have enjoyed the beauty of Scotland.  The weather is getting a wee bit warmer and the days are getting longer again.  This truly is a beautiful country.


The last few weeks have been busy and things will continue to be busy through the end of May.  (We are really not on a vacation but do manage to see a bit of the country as we travel around)   We taught a Career Workshop in Alloa and then one in Falkirk.  Last Saturday we taught another Career workshop in Edinburgh.  We were expecting about 8-10 people so we made sure the room was set to accommodate everyone but only had 4 people show up.


We have been traveling to Glasgow each Tuesday to meet with people there and will likely set up a regular visit in Glasgow for each Tuesday afternoon/evening.  We taught our CV Writing class a couple of weeks ago in Glasgow and have been meeting with a number of young adults to help them find work.  We prepared a PowerPoint presentation for the writing class and our “boss” liked it and it is now being used by all the Stake Employment Specialists in Scotland and Ireland and many Stakes in England.

Thursday of this week we are traveling to the Isle of Lewis to conduct a Career Workshop in Stronoway.  This should be a very interesting, and beautiful trip.  We will visit the Isle of Skye, catch the ferry to the Isle of Harris, then drive to the Isle of Lewis, both of which are part of the Outer Hebrides.  It sounds like another vacation, but we really will be least on Saturday.  ;-)


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