Monday, December 8, 2014

The Players...

As we end the blog relating to our mission I wanted to post a few pictures of the "players"We developed fond relationships with some wonderful missionaries who were serving the Lord with all their might, mind, and strength.  We hope to maintain these friendships and the great memories of serving together.

 Elders Brown and Windhausen were the Zone Leaders in Belfast.  We had met Elder Windausen earlier in our mission as we did flat inspections.  He is from Germany and almost sounds like an German accent at all.  Both were wonderful young men.


Elders Rogers and Pienarr worked in the Edinburgh Ward.  Elder Rogers was from Austrailia and Elder Pienaar was from South Africa.  We introduced them to root beer floats and to our surprise, neither liked them.  They thought the root beer tasted like medicine.
 This was the Morningside District Missionaries in the Edinburgh Ward.  Elder Star was the District Leader and Elder Welsh was his companion.  Sisters Crawley and Hobbs added some beauty to the District.  Sister Hobbs is from England and Sister Crawley is from Gilbert, AZ

 Elders McKhann and Moser were Chinese speaking missionaires in Edinburgh.  Makin is one of their investigators.  Makin was baptized and we helped her find a part-time job to gain some work experience

Sister Hobbs learning to knit

Elders Moser and Norsford brought Shirley (Xiaoli HU) to dinner at our flat and after dinner we taught her to play Uno.

Sisters Firth and Caswell

Sisters Crawley and Jackson

Sisters Jackson & Crawley with Florina.  Flo is a special young woman who we love dearly.  We have had wonderful times with her helping her to find employment.

Sisters Hobbs and Adams celebrating Sister Hobbs birthday at our flat

Sister Hobbs 20th birthday dinner at our flat

Sisters Lowry & Cardon

Elder Oman and Brother Gibb from Falkirk

Elders Jackman & Leaver

 The Chinese Elders would ususally bring investigators to dinner with them.  Here is Elders McKhann and Norsford with Makin and Zining

Root Beer floats were a big hit with most of the missionaries.  We stocked up on A&W Root Beer when we visited Steve (our son) in England at Christmas.  Elders Star and Utley enjoyed the treat

Zining had never tasted root beer or had a root beer float.  It was a treat for Elders Wells and Shubin

Sister missionaries were wonderful to work with and brought a special spirit with them.  Sisters Birch and Clegg

The All Scotland Mission Conference with President Teixeira of the Europe Area Presidency

The All Ireland Mission Conference with President Teixeira of the Europe Area Presidency.

We didn't get a picture of many of the missionaries with whom we worked.   They are special young people who were dedicated to serving the Lord and testify of the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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