Sunday, March 17, 2013

Preparing for England - and now Scotland

We have been working on all the arrangements to obtain our Visas and learn more of what we will be doing on our mission.  Through an exchange of email with various individuals in the Church we have learned a few more details.

We were called to the England Birmingham Mission to work in the Area Welfare Office as Area Welfare Specialists.  The Temporal Welfare organization within the Church is quite amazing.  We have been reading more of the organization and have learned there are many areas all under the umbrella of Temporal Welfare - helping those in need with basic food and shelter; Employement Resource Centers; and Humanitarian help.  Each one of these areas has very extensive programs with a few paid empolyees and many unpaid volunteer missionaries.

We enter the Mission Traning Center in Provo, Utah on April 22 and will be there for two weeks.  The first week will be basic Missionary training and the second week will be training on the Welfare servcies programs.  We have learned that we are still traveling to Birmingham on May 6th but will be assigned to work in the Employment Resource Center in Edinburgh, Scotland.  We will be working with the local Church leaders in Scotland and Ireland.  Since I served my 2-year mission in Scotland as a young man, this news has made it even more exciting to leave.  We will be providing workshops to help individuals evaluate their employment situation and help them to be more self-reliant in finding a job, imporving their current employement, or providing support for them to be successfully self-employed.

We have been given a lot a material to read and talks to listen to.  We are really gettinig excited!!   Five weeks to go!!

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